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CAIG DeoxIT Gold GxMD Vacuum Tube Survival Kit

CAIG DeoxIT Gold GxMD Vacuum Tube Survival Kit

Price: $39.95


Brand: CAIG Laboratories
CAIG DeoxIT Gold GxMD Vacuum Tube Survival Kit

Caig Part #SK-GxMD

Safe on plastics,  use on all metal electrical connections.  VOC and RoHS Compliant.

Finally, a kit made for the care and maintenance of vacuum tube gear!

Famous CAIG cleaning and protection.  Hard plastic kit case lined with foam.  Kit is put together by CAIG with Vacuum tubes in mind, but as with other CAIG products, very useful for other cleaning and protection of circuit board connections, IC pins & sockets, Audio/video jacks and plugs, rechargeable battery connections, cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's, Portable music players, switches, edge connectors, contact points and more!


DeoxIT Cleaner, 25% solution, 25ml bottle, #D25L-25C
DeoxIT GOLD GX-MD, 100% solution, 7.4mL bottle, #GXMD-2DB
Lint Free Cloth Squares, Cotton, 12 each, #LFC-C
Soaking cups, 2 each
Foam Swabs, 2 each, #SWP
Socket Cleaning Brushes (black plastic), Large, 2each #AB
Socket Cleaning Brush (metal wire), 1each, #B-SS116

Instructions included.
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