Cardas Audio CLJP C Copper Bi-Wire Jumper plates - Set of 4

Cardas Audio Bi-Wire Jumper plates CLJP C

Cardas Bi-Wire Jumper copper plates CLJP C - Unplated Copper

Superior stamped copper jumper plates from Cardas Audio.

SOLD IN SETS of 4 - you will normally need 2 for each speaker unless you have a custom configuration. 

Bi-Wire jumpers allow you to use single-ended speaker cables with bi-wired speakers.

These economical stamped jumpers are an upgrade from low-quality jumpers that come with most speakers.  Great price, great performance.

This version is bare copper.

Each CLJP Jumper Plate has a spade opening of approximately .21″ (5.34mm) with a spacing between spades of approximately 1.43″ (36.52mm).  They are adjustable (bendable) to accomodate varied binding post spacing.

These jumper plates are also available in rhodium over silver plated as the CLJP R. 

Cardas also makes premium wire jumpers that feature Cardas chassis wire terminated with banana or spade connectors.

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