Cayin iHA-6 Headphone Amplifier


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The Cayin iHA-6 is a fully balanced headphone amplifier targeted to achieve the highest level of detail and integrity for the most demanding headphone enthusiast. We offer multiple interfaces including XLR balanced input, RCA stereo input, two sets of balanced headphone outputs (dual 3-pins XLR and 4-pins XLR), plus two 6.35mm outputs for headphones with different impedance and sensitivity.

Background of i-Series

The i-series is Cayin’s lifestyle solution to modern music lovers. It stands for minimal design, flexible function, premium quality and a total solution to personal audio. To start with, we have introduced the iDAC-6 Audio D/A converter and iHA-6 Headphone Amplifier. More models will be added to this series later on so please stay tuned

iDAC-6 is a dedicated desktop DAC with an interesting dual output stage that offers versatile tonal characteristic for different applications. iHA-6 is a solid-state headphone amplifier with an innovative current adjustment to accommodate different headphone impedance/sensitivity characteristic. When stacked together, iDAC-6 and iHA-6 become a fully balanced headfi system at a less than 10”x10” footprint.

Design Highlight

  •   Quadruple amplifier circuit with full discrete components and fully-balanced circuit design.

  •   Independent power supply to Left and Right channel, reduce power interference in left and right channel.

  •   Innovative Current and Gain control to maxima the compatibility with high or low impedance dynamic headphones and the latest planar headphones.

  •   Two sets of audio inputs: one for RCA single-end and one for XLR balanced audio.

  •   Four sets of headphone outputs: two sets of 6.3mm (High/Low impedance) TRS, 1 set of twin 3-pins XLR (balanced) and 1 set of 4-pins XLR (balanced).

  •   Fashionable design, compact and minimal, can easily blend into SOHO or household environment.

Key Features

  •   Push-pull amplification design with high power ultra-low on-resistance power MOSFET at power amplification stage, offers excellent dynamic performance.

  •   Toshiba audio-grade FET were used in differential input circuit, to ensure common-mode noise and high quality audio performance

  •   Premium grade ALPS 4 channel rotary potentiometer imported from Japan directly, durable, reliable and reputable audio quality.

  •   Extensive protection to amplifier and headphone through comprehensive protection circuit including output DC offset voltage, delay mute when power up, and noise compensation when power down.

  •   In-house designed premium grade toroidal transformer with low magnetic leakage and high power efficiency.

  •   High capacitance filter capacitors were used (in excess of 40000uF)

  •   Solid chassis with aluminum alloy and sand blast finishing, can eliminate exterior interference effectively.



Power Rating

Single-Ended Headphone:
1100mW+1100mW (High Current, RMS,RL=32Ω) 2200mW+2200mW (Low Current, RMS,RL=32Ω)


Balanced Headphone:
5000mW+5000mW (High Current, RMS,RL=32Ω) 7000mW+7000mW (Low Current, RMS,RL=32Ω)

Frequency Respond

10Hz~80kHz (-0.5dB)


≤0.02%(1kHz, RL=32Ω)


Single-Ended Headphone : ≥105dB (A weighted) Balanced Headphone : ≥110dB (A weighted)

Input Sensitivity

620mV(High Current, High Gain)

Headphone Output

6.35mm TRS x 2
Dual 3pins XLR (Balanced) 4 pins XLR (Balanced)

Max. Power Consumption



240mm x 252mm x 69mm (LxDxH)


Approx. 3.8kg

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