HiFi-Tuning Fuses - Supreme Small 5x20 SLOW Blow T

Light a Fuse! Audiophile Grade fuses handmade in Germany. Cryogenically treated. HiFi-Tuning Fuses - SUPREME Small (5x20mm) Slow Blow

HiFi-Tuning Fuses - SUPREME Small (5x20mm) Slow Blow "T" Type Slo-Blow  500v rating. slo-blo

Light a Fuse! Audiophile Grade fuses handmade in Germany. Cryogenically treated.

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Length: 20mm is approximately .75" (3/4) inches Long

Meet "El Supremo"- The new Higher-End black ceramic fuses from HiFi-Tuning Germany. HiFi-Tuning of Berlin-Germany has released a new highest performing version of their industry-leading fuses called "Supreme".

The new line of Supreme fuses is handmade, tip-to-tip of 99% Silver combined with 1% 24k Gold, similar to the material used in the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Capacitors.

Mundorf also developed for HiFi-Tuning a special Silver/Gold solder for use in the Supreme fuses.

HiFi-Tuning's 99% Silver + 1% Gold melt wire, used exclusively in the Supreme fuses, is resonance-optimized to control vibration.

Technical: To understand the advantage of the 99% Silver + 1% Gold combination, think about silver's crystalline structure. The drawing process for silver (or copper) wire causes micro cracks in the surface of the wire. The cooling process also results in imperfect crystal grid structures. Both of these "deformities," relative to the ideal of a perfect conductor, result in surface distortion when current flows through the wire. The addition of 24K gold fills the micro cracks and the empty spaces between the crystal boundaries to improve transmission properties, while also inhibiting the surface oxidation and tarnishing that will occur over time otherwise.

These custom, precious metal fuses are also cryogenically treated using Europe's only cryo system from Cryogenics International (USA).

Finally, the Supreme fuses are treated with a proprietary quantum level process.

Fast and Slow Blow Supreme fuses are available now in most popular values in the usual sizes: 0.75" (5x20mm) & 1.25"(6.3x32mm).

Deep Cryogenic treatment.

Each fuse is handmade and tested in Germany. Silver endcap plating. Ceramic casing offers superior resonance characteristics.

One of the least expensive, highest return for your money upgrades available.

In our experience the HFT fuses is the highest performing upgrade fuse, and also has the advantage of using a pure silver "element" which will not degrade due to oxidation (silver oxide is a good conductor) over time, unlike the copper -based alloy elements in other fuse types.

HiFi-Tuning fuses have a tighter tolerance than standard fuses. A standard fuse typically has a 10% of stated value tolerance. The HiFi-Tuning fuses have a goal of zero tolerance. Care should be taken to order a fuse of the proper value. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment or other information source prior to ordering fuses. If a circuit was designed close the tolerance edge of a standard fuse and regularly goes over the stated fuse rating, a HiFi-Tuning fuse may blow right away, where the standard fuse did not. This is rare, but can happen. We don't recommend using a smaller value fuse, as they will often blow upon insertion. Using a slightly larger value (say 6.3A in place of a 6A) is often OK with a manufacturer, and may meet the circuit requirement and be rated within the tolerance of the original fuse.

We get asked a lot about the "directionality" of high performance fuses. Our feeling is that the only way to reliably tell that a fuse is inserted into a given circuit with the proper orientation is to listen to them both ways. Taking a little time to listen to the fuse inserted one way, then again the other direction often results in a clear answer to the question "which way is best?".

We are an Authorized HiFi-Tuning Dealer.  Due to the delicate electrical nature of fuses, counterfeiting, etc., we cannot accept returns on fuses.  We do not offer for sale any fuses that have left our possession in order to protect your equipment.  Please review your order carefully and check your equipment for the proper fuse type before ordering.

Don't use 10 cent fuses in your high-end A/V equipment, Guitar Amps etc.. Beware of some commercial fuses with nothing more than gold plated end caps and nice packaging. These are the real deal.


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