Oyaide HPSC-LL 3.5mm right-angle Mini-Mini cable Silver + Rhodium 8cm

Stereo cable made to connect a portable player and a headphone amplifier. Right Angle connectors.

Oyaide HPSC-LL is a right-angle 3.5mm cable male to male adaptor.  8cm (approximately 3.5 inches) long.

The HPSC Series is a new series of headphone and portable audio cables from Oyaide, incorporating precision conductors "102 SSC" and "Silk".

The precision conductor "102 SSC" is an audio cable conductor created by Oyaide, and has received high acclaim all over the world.

The basis of the technology is a kind of oxygen-free copper, "mechanical peeling" to physically remove 100% of the impurities on the surface of copper wire, "natural diamond die" to smooth the surface of copper wire to the limit, temperature strictly Supported by the world's top class Japanese copper processing and wire drawing technology, such as thoroughly managed uniform heat treatment with controlled heat treatment of 2 degrees and processing accuracy of ± 1 μm or less, HPSC Series clear It is the origin that produces a wide range sound. The thickness of the signal line constituted by the precision conductor "102 SSC" is 0.3 scare of the margin.

From delicate high frequency to powerful low frequency, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted. The precision conductor "102 SSC" is adopted for the shield, and it is made a flexible spiral shield. Precision conductor 102 SSC HPSC Series is a new series replacing HPC Series. The key technologies are "Precision conductor 102 SSC" and "Silk". The cable conductor uses “Precision conductor 102 SSC” as a new material replacing PCOCC-A.

To create this high-end audio cable, Oyaide Denso has created the “Precision Conductor 102 SSC”.  It is the first headphone cable to be use this new conductor. The  configuration is a 7/7 / 0.089 rope twist which is excellent in bending resistance, and its thickness is a 0.3 allowance. From delicate high frequency to powerful low frequency, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted. The shield is a flexible spiral shield.

Pure silk filament

For the intervention, 100% pure silk filament with low capacitance and no static charge is used. When a signal flows in the cable, a weak vibration occurs, and the electrostatically charged substance causes a corona discharge by the vibration. Mount silk filaments to solve this problem. Furthermore, the sheath of the cable is coated with "100% pure silk jacket". These synergetic effects have significantly reduced noise without losing flexibility. The chic cable color in mosaics with white and black matches seamlessly with any headphone.

Original terminal connector

Plugs specially designed to give a unique identity. The metal part is made of brass that has cleared the European RoHS directive. The contact area, which should be called the main point of signal transmission, was directly plated with silver 1.5μ thick and then rhodium plated 0.3 μ thick. This not only prevents contact corrosion but also contributes to the improvement of transmission characteristics.

The outer shell of the outer shell also reflects the craftsmanship of Oyaide Electric. The NC machining is carefully done one by one, and after precisely knurling, the finish is finished with Berichrome like the camera lens. In addition, these plugs are joined to the cable by audio dedicated solder "SS-47".

To pour aesthetics into details and create the highest quality. This attitude is the theme that will continue the pulse of Oyaide Electric. The deep and polite finish of all, the essence of craftsmanship unique to Japan.

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