Oyaide SRBN Banana plug set 4ea

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Oyaide SRBN Banana plug set 4ea
Oyaide SRBN Banana plug set 4ea

Oyaide enhances product quality by paying careful attention to every detail of structural characteristic, texture and appearance. When such details are integrated successfully, a product is completed perfectly. All elements - impression of rigidity, beautiful guilloche pattern on the surface inspired by luxurious Swiss watches, brilliance of the buff finished body, and the blue stainless-steel screws reminiscent of clock hands, represent the sublime sound image of SRBN.

The Oyaide SRBN is an extreme banana plug created by the fusion of excellent sound and design quality.

In order to make style and sound perfect, Oyaide considers clear design concepts and examination of details and materials very important. The main body is trimmed from an 8 mm phosphor bronze bar and then its insertion part is slit up in a cross shape and divided in quarters to ensure maximum contact area in the terminal. The size was determined based on WBT’s speaker terminals, but it can be fit in any terminals. After more than ten repeated cuts and tryouts in micron scale, SRBN was exquisitely-designed to be inserted smoothly and not come off easily.

The highly-rigid 5mm stainless screw is used for the 4mm cable penetration section. This infills inside space between the body and screw. The blue screws, made of stainless with quench hardening treatment, are highly-rigid and emphasize the beauty of SRBN. After careful polishing by hand and mirror finishing, the body is completed with silver (inner) and rhodium (outer) plating.

Material / Structure

Smooth and Tight. This is the theme that SRBN was designed to achieve by selection of the characteristics each material. To hold tightly using minimum components, SRBN is made with deoxidized phosphor bronze, used in many contact types due to excellent springiness and electric properties.

When SRBN was engineered, Oyaide paid very careful attention to the design of its contact tip. It is slit up in a cross shape and divided in quarters to ensure maximum contact area and designed to fit tightly into terminals when inserted.

The maximum install cable O.D is 4mm (5.5sq).


The design concept of SRBN is inspired by “Breguet”, the luxurious Swiss watch. The slip resistance engraved on the body is reminiscent of Guilloche pattern on a surface. Furthermore, the screw is blue steel processed by quench hardening using same technique as hands of a watch for the purpose of improvement of mechanical strength and oxidation resistant.

The body is trimmed down from 8mm phosphor bronze bar by precision CNC machining. It is finished by mechanical barreling and hand polishing piece by piece. The plating of the mirror finished body is a combination of silver (1.5μ, inner) + rhodium (0.3μ, outer).


Phosphor bronze
Silver ?1.5μ?+ Rhodium?0.3μ?
Dual clamping screw system
Install cable O.D
4 pcs in a box
L-form hex wrench
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