OYAIDE C-029 IEC Brass Power Connector Plug

Unplated Brass for a sound that's just right.
Oyaide Power Plug C-029

IEC is the unit on the left in the picture.  The P-029 on the right in the picture is not included.

High quality C-029 plugs from Oyaide. Unplated Brass construction.  Black Body.

These plugs are not merely high grade. Every possible step has been taken to achieve true "State of the Art" Audiophile performance.

Every Oyaide product is made under direct supervision to the highest and strictest standards. Since even minute variations can lead to failure, Each part is carefully chosen to assure ease of assembly and operation and, especially, safety. Materials are selected for superior sound quality, durability and reliability. To achieve goals, cost is a secondary consideration. Avoiding unnecessary decoration and complexity, we are proud to deliver these products of value for your listening pleasure.

Polished Brass

Body and casing: High density PBT is mixed with 30% glass filler for rigidity, thermal stability and high resonance absorption. Polycarbonate.

Cable O.D. Range: Minimum 6.5 mm / Maximum 17.0 mm

Wire Gauge Maximum 10 gauge

125 Volt / 15 Amp

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MPN C-029
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