Oyaide M1 AC Plug


Oyaide M1 AC Plug

Shown with Oyaide F1 IEC, Not included.

Oyaide introduces the M1 AC Plug (Shown with F1 IEC - Not included) made with Beryllium Copper contacts and plated with 0.5 microns of Platinum followed by 0.3 microns of Palladium. Oyaide's all-out assault on State-of-the-Art.

Oyaide thoroughly tested several dozen combinations of plating methods, selecting the very best, platinum + palladium, for their flagship model, the F1/M1. The first layer is 0.5 µ (microns) of Platinum, followed by the second layer of Palladium which is 0.3 µ (microns) in thickness. The initial shaping of the contact is done via an automated mill. This is followed by a manual polishing which is done before the first direct plating layer and again before the final plating. This process is unique and unparalleled and achieves a mirror finish. The use of Beryllium Copper provides a high level of conductivity and at the same time a high level of mechanical integrity, both appropriate qualities for a flagship level product. Heat treatment is applied to enhance its machine-ability. Its rigidity and thickness (1.0mm thick and 6.0mm wide) increases the holding capacity of the plug to 8kg and minimizes vibrations which would otherwise degrade the transmission of energy.

For the matching IEC connector, see Oyaide F1

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