Oyaide MTB-6 GX Power Distributor

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GX Series Receptacles

Oyaide MTB-6 GX Power Distributor / Receptacle Strip

High Quality Oyaide Power Distribution for Audio / Video and critical applications. Fitted with Oyaide SWO-GX receptacles.

NOTE: The MTB-6 GX receptacles are a different color than pictured above.  The GX Receptacles are red in color.

4N Silver Internal Wiring

Audiophile high grade Silver solder

Brass receptacle mounting poles

MTB-6 power distributors are so simply assembled and have very few parts.  Oyaide closely examines the qualities of each component in detail, even carefully determining the appropriate processing temperature of the internal wiring. By applying years of technical experience and know-how about power supply, they were able to create a product of exquisite quality.

Main Chassis:

The Oyaide MTB-6 GX begins with 2.0mm thick brass plate formed into a special shape for high rigidity, speed and good internal energy and vibration absorption properties. The plate is coated with extra thick layers of non-electrolytic nickel ground plating, and then finished with chrome plating to further enhance its rigidity and speed characteristics. This also has the effect of improving shielding against wider range E.M.I. (Electro-Mechanical Interference)

4N (4 nines) Internal Wiring

The Oyaide MTB-6 GX also has 2.0mm diameter, high purity (4N) solid Silver internal wiring, extensively annealed in low temperature to remove mechanical distortion/stress from the extrusion process. Oyaide then applies a further highly controlled process in order to produce a smoother and stronger surface for distortion free electron transmission. This also has the effect of eliminating any mechanical weakness caused by the annealing process.

These carefully developed processes enable the Silver to break through to a new level of sound quality. This is further enhanced by independent internal connection to each outlet in order to avoid cross-talk and to ensure evenness. All connections are Lead free.

Further Resonance Control

The main body/insulator is made of Nylon with glass filler mixed in; this ensures high heat resistance, rigidity and a high resonance absorption factor. We also avoided common rubber feet, instead using 4 Brass spikes which can easily be changed to a 3 foot configuration by relocating them.

Electrical Contacts (Receptacle)

Oyaide tested every possible option for this crucial part and concluded that highly polished de-oxidized Phosphor Bronze would be optimal as a base material to provide the most secure and least resonant contact. The finishing touches, which determine the final sound quality, are to directly apply an extra thick (1.5 micron) Silver directly to the Bronze substrate, polish the surface twice and finally apply a layer of Rhodium (0.3). This process is strictly controlled for optimum balance and quality of sound. These contacts are supported by 24K Gold plated non-magnetic brass fittings.

The inlet is designed specially for MT series. The contacts are made of brass. The plating is a combination of silver (1.5μ) and rhodium (0.3μ). The body is made of 30% GF PBT.

For the feet of MTB-4, we specially employed accurately machined brass spikes for the better separation from the floor. Although it is set to four-point support as default, it can be changed to three-point support according to your preference.

Electromagnetic Interference Control

The mains inlet area is protected by an EMI absorbing layer.

Specifications MTB Series:
Internal Wiring 2.0mm dia., high purity (4N) solid Silver

AC Outlet SWO-GX (4 outlets) AC Inlet Original IEC AC Intlet Direct 24K Gold extra thick 2 micron plating.  Polished twice before plating.

Dimensions W 70mm x H 50mm x L 270mm.  Case is 2.0mm thick Brass with special plating

Rhodium / Silver (SWO-DX), Gold over Palladium Duplex Receptacles (SWO-XXX)or Beryllium copper receptacles (R-1) are also available.

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